Photographers & Videographers

Photographers and videographers capture some amazing images at Blazing Swan. If you would like to take some shots yourself, we have some important guidelines to follow to ensure privacy is kept, and the magic of the moment is not disrupted.

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Writers from all backgrounds are encouraged to share stories, opinions and written guides about Blazing Swan.  Approved written pieces will be published on the Blazing Swan website and other appropriate media for our community.

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Artists & Designers

Artists, illustrators and designers are encouraged to contribute work for the Blazing Swan Community.  As well as unlimited opportunity at Blazing Swan, we have ongoing need throughout the year for various publications and media.

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About our Comms Team

Blazing Swan Comms are a small group of volunteers who use their skills and talents to manage the communications of Blazing Swan, including online and offline media.  Since Blazing Swan is a large community of participants with many voices, it’s Comm’s Teams job to ensure the right messages are heard at the right time.

If you would like to get involved and contribute, get in touch!

  • Photographers and Videographers capture the magic at Blazing Swan.
  • Writers share stories and update our community.
  • Designers and artists create event posters and marketing.

Our Website

Our website is also managed by our volunteer Comms Team. If you would like to make a suggested edit or addition, or have an error fixed, please get in contact at

We also welcome submissions of written articles, stories and information pieces. Please read our submission guidelines for writers.