Description of Camp:
You may know us for our blind-folded, nekkid dance night, so you ask, what else could we possibly have to BARE? Heaps mate! We’re a hodgepodge of well-travelled Aussies, expats, worldly nomads, and illegal aliens. The world is home, Perth: HQ, and Blazing Swan: the glue that binds us. And what better way to meet at the intersection of “self expression” and “connecting people” than dancing with headphones on in your own private world? We simply want you to dance like nobody is watching, and our immersive sound experience will fill your earholes and loosen your limbs. Day or night, come say “G’day!” We are silent disco – a sound immersive interactive theme camp.
Goals of the Camp:
To bring along all the blazers at JRC in unity and harmony through immersing in sounds and each interactions – whether it is dancing in bliss or being embodied in trance.