This year a sister camp to Shiva’s has emerged to celebrate the culture and people of the refugee and asylum seeker community, specifically welcoming the Hazara and Sri lankan tamil community. We will be gifting traditional food, music and facilitating understanding through talks, discussion and an artistic installation.

We will have;
-A Tamil food corner gifting Kothu Roti
-A yurt that will be a dedicated space to having conscious conversations and talks in Shiva’s dome.

-Traditional music
-Link in with an interactive artistic installation on the salt lake.

Goals of the Camp:
We are an extension of Shiva’s Tea House. Our mission is to support the refugee community (specifically Hazara’s and Tamils) to connect with the Blazing Swan community, to bring their unique cultural identity and gifts to the festival, to facilitate dialog and education to create understanding. It is our hope that it will build friendships and channels that with spill out into the wider community, creating more opportunities for connection. While the theme camp it’s self will be purely humanising and awareness building, seeking asylum is inextricably linked with government policy and the detention process, we will therefore facilitate a talk or two on policy history and development to give people a wider understanding.