Rainbow Tribe - Blazing Swan

Blazing Swan 2017 repost from @mia_spencer_art - 👑 E M M A 👑 . This work is particularly significant for a few reasons: We had never met before. I had been body painting for about 6hours already that day and I was drained, trying to leave and reset before a large night. This queen walked in and begged me to paint just one more. So I said yes while inwardly gathering the effort needed for another. . . Often when body painting I’ll ask my human canvas for some inspiration (what’s your favourite colour? Did you have a pattern in mind? How are you feeling today?). In this case I didn’t ask and instead sat and felt what Emma’s energy was after. Halfway through this fire explosion I discovered Emma’s favourite colour was actually blue and I was a little disheartened until she told me she was wanting something red today but hadn’t said anything. That evening was the effigy so the painting helped Emma connect with the burn. Throughout the entire night I would run into Emma and see nothing but smiles and hear nothing but praise as she frothed over the work and told others ‘this is her! This is the one that made me into the burn! I love it!’ It’s a very different and special experience to paint someone’s body, we formed a bond in that time. @emmacecilejordan is one of the most significant people in my life now, I’m constantly grateful Emma was my last person to paint that day. . . . #blazingswan #rainbowtribe #bodypainting #playa #bodypainting #blazingswan2017 #burningman #playastyle #burn #effigy #queen #slay #beautiful #fire #paint #art #artist #energy #flow #creativity #connection #smiles #soul #landscape

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