Burning Seed

By December 21, 2014 December 21st, 2015 Global

Burning Seed is an annual Australian regional Burning Man event. It is an experimental gathering dedicated to creativity, collaboration and a cash-free community – conceived, built, run and returned to nothing again by YOU. Together, we pool our resources, skills, ideas and imagination to create the funding, the city, the entertainment and the experience itself. It’s a week filled with art, Theme Camps, gifting, performances, crewing, music, fire and more. We also take care of our day-to-day needs and the environment, while we’re there and when we leave.

A Little about Burning Seed

As one of two regional Burns in Australia, we have built our own Red Earth City on the east coast since 2010; first in Bellingen and now in Matong State Forest, NSW.

People new to Burning Seed often assume that a Burn is like a festival — a mostly passive experience where event producers organise everything and you just need to rock up for the show. Instead, a Burn is created by its participants, not for them. There ain’t no fancy-pants production company curating from up on high or digging our ditches down below. There are no sugar-daddy sponsors, advertisers or stalls either. There is only you + me and a gifting economy.

Burning Seed is an annual gathering that enables it’s participants a trans-formative experience. Emanating out of place and living outside the pattern of the traditional festivals and events is an experience of gift giving and encouraging participation on all levels for building permanent and transitional communities from a wide variety of cultural lifestyles deeply rooted in Art projects.

Visit the Burning Seed website or the Burning Man Australia website for more details.