So… you’ve bought a ticket to Blazing Swan.

By February 10, 2019 Participate, Tickets

Jilakin Rock City requires significant investments of time, energy, and resourcefulness by the Committee, Department Crews, Theme Camps, Artists and you, the participant. Part of what makes Blazing Swan unique and powerful is that everyone has to work hard to be there. Planning, securing a ticket, packing, building, organising, contributing, and engaging are part of the journey everyone should experience. Though it manifests differently for each one of us, personal effort is integral to the social agreement we make with our fellow community members when we decide to participate in Blazing Swan.


Blazing Swan is not built for you, it is built by you. Blazing Swan is not a festival. The invitation to participate is more than an invitation to have an amazing experience. It’s about creating that experience for yourself and those around you.


There are hundreds of generous, thoughtful, creative individuals who put in significant time and effort to create an extraordinarily engaging experience that is beyond anything you will find in Western Australia. Everything you consume or experience, that you did not bring yourself, has been unconditionally gifted by someone else. However, some folk just aren’t getting what ‘Burner’ culture is all about, and we are all responsible for changing that.


Being a Burner isn’t about who you are or where you’ve been. It’s about connecting with yourself and with others. It’s about creating a place and a culture that encourages direct and immediate experience. You get to create your own reality, and to do and make things you wouldn’t be able to accomplish alone.


At Jilakin Rock City, we all struggle to create, for a week, an experience that stands in glorious contrast to the typical consumerist, status-driven, brand-saturated, optimised-for-your-convenience world. We create Jilakin Rock City every year because we believe there is value in having an entirely different kind of experience — one grounded in what you have to contribute – to say, make, do, and share.


As a community, we’re continually seeking to raise the standards for citizenship in Jilakin Rock City, making sure things are more inclusive, more participatory, more supportive, and more equitable — and making clear that participating in Jilakin Rock City requires a commitment to Burner culture.




Vice Chair

Blazing Swan


With thanks to Marion Goodell.