Blazing Swan Moop Debrief 2019

By May 21, 2019 May 23rd, 2019 Theme Camp
Good Morning Blazers and Blazettes!
The Moop Train has run its track, and is resting in the station.  On today’s episode we will discuss   For you impatient folk jump to the end to see the Moop Map. Remember, The moop map is not about shaming people. It’s about trying to figure out how we can leave the site better than we found it.
First off, the 2nd annual Worst Offenders list!
ASTROTERF – This bugger seems to make the list every year, at every burn.  Though we found less astroterf and saw interesting ideas for sealing and reinforcing the backing and edges (great work Koasis!), astroterf tufts were still plentiful around the fields and can be spread far from their original source. Astroterf was even found in camps that had banned astroterf!
Tippies/Butts/Cigs – Another serial offender!  Filters are easily dropped, and butts can fall out of a pocket even with the best of intentions.  Bring a secure ashtray for you butts, and keep your filters secure.
Field Rocks – Did you know our site is an active farm and a regular camp site?  To completely Leave No Trace, we need to make sure we undo any changes to the camping or farming areas.  So if you are camped in the field (areas with the straw rows) you need to return any rocks used by your camp to the nearest shady tree or rocky patch.  This protects the farm equipment from accidentally flinging a rock around inside it’s gullet and getting an ouchie.
Fire Pits – Fire Good, Fire Hot.  Human Like Fire.  But firepits (and burn barrel spots) can be a tough one to fix.  Clean charcoal and ash are good fertilizers when spread out on the field, but metal and glass need to be removed.  Using firewood (instead of scrap construction wood) cuts down on the amount of cleanup needed from the coals.
Tent Pegs – Blaze uses a lot of tents, and each one needs a half dozen pegs or more.  Its easy to miss a peg in the rush of packing, either still in the ground or pulled and nestled into the dirt.  Dragging a rake though your site can help discover pegs that have been buried by dirt and wheat chaff.  Pegs are like bobby pins – count how many go in so you know how many you need to take out.
Dishonorable Mention
Food Waste – As a Leave No Trace festival, your food waste needs to leave with you.  We are lucky enough to have composting provided on site by Forever Tree Earthship (just 15km away! so keep your organic waste totally organic, and drop it by their collection point regularly.  As a working farm, a small amount of chemical-free (no bleach or dish soap please!) gray water or food on the ground is not the worst thing to happen – but should be avoided.  To remediate a spill or food spoilage, you can turn over the 2-5cm of topsoil to mix it in.  PLEASE do not bury compost, human waste or dump gray water on the land.  And to the camp that left us a full potato – we had fun playing hot potato the rest of the day, but let’s not do that again, OK?
The Train (Extra Small Edition)
This year volunteer turn out was at an all time low.  With only 7 members at our peak, we had a rough time getting though all the placed camps.  We did spend a little time doing open camping and the road between us and the lake (where we found a whole heap of windblown moop from Blaze, including 3 balls from the ball pit!), but unfortunately the days ran short.  We didn’t have time to moop Jalikin and CNUT Rock, the entry road (Jalikin Rock Road North), Greeters or temporary parking.
On the plus side, we did have the pickup grabber things, so no emu bobbing was needed! YAAAY!
If you can stay late next year any help out the Moop Train hit us up!  We have an excellent time camping out and having fun in the evenings. This years entertainment included a D&D game, a salt lake walk and a round of LARP sword fighting. Our all-star crew of passionate people know that Leave No Trace is an important part of Blaze culture, and are the quiet hero’s of the site.  Join the Blazing Swan Moop Train Facebook Group to stay up to date on how to volunteer.
Local Programs (Support our neighbors and hosts!)
Lyons Club Can Recycling
The Kulin Lyons Club has been providing cages for aluminum can recycling, and the program saw more tinnies than ever before.  This year the can cages were distributed to specific camps who took over keeping them moop-free.  This worked out really well, and we hope to expand the program again next year.  Thanks GSN, Far Away Tree Tribe and Koasis for helping us get this program off the ground, and taking care of any overflow or moop from the cages!
Kulin P&C Rubbish Collection and Sausage Sizzle
Much thanks go out to the Kulin P&C for organizing a trash disposal place right outside of the gate!  This was very convenient for Blazers, and raised an impressive $3123.80 for the local high school.  This is a great way for Blaze to support the Kulin community, and for Kulin locals to get to know Blazers.  Check out their facebook for info on this program next year:
Without Further Ado
The Moop Map!
Moop Map Key:
Gold [this appears Black in the photo] – excellent work
Yellow – good, but some old or windblown items
Orange – medium, you probably could have done better
Red – not great, you had at least one major issue and plenty of moop.  Please contact the Moop Train if you haven’t already.
Moop Map Challenges
While we make every effort to track where camps actually camped, and grade them based on the area they used, we arn’t perfect.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us in our Facebook group.  If you want to make sure your camp gets an accurate and good grade – send us a volunteer and contact us on Tuesday before you leave to confirm your camp boundaries!
Till Next Year – Leave No Trace is Out!