Membership of Blazing Swan Inc.

Blazing Swan is a community driven not-for-profit incorporated association.  It is operated and managed by its members.

As a member of Blazing Swan Inc. you will –

  • help set the direction for our community and our events
  • enrich our community with your life experience and outlook
  • have the opportunity to gain skills and contribute in a range of interesting roles
  • help fund our work going forward
  • access member benefits including our workshop facility in Fremantle
  • be part of a great community.
  • Get early access to Blazing Swan super early bird tickets.
  • Gain the ability to become a Swan Nest member and then access to the tool workshops during opening hours
“Blazing Swan Inc. is a volunteer driven organisation from which I gain significant benefit.  The true event experience is not something we purchase – it’s something we make.  By becoming a member of Blazing Swan Inc. I have joined the team who created this amazing thing, and I can share in their pride in making it happen again in 2020.” ~ N. R.  Blazing Swan Inc. member, 2019.

To join Blazing Swan Inc. please use the membership form found below, have it endorsed by an existing member, and send it to info(at)

If you don’t know anyone who can endorse your application please contact us at info(at) and we will arrange for someone to contact you.

Also below you will find the following –

  • Our Code of Conduct provides guidance on the conduct and expectations for ethical behaviour by any member of the Blazing Swan community.  Please take a moment to read it.
  • Our organisation’s constitution details how Blazing Swan Inc. operates and the role of its members.