Blazing Swan Medical Corps 2019

By December 28, 2018 Volunteer

The Blazing Swan Medical Corps (BSMC) is recruiting again this year. Ten HUT! 

We believe that there should be no barriers to high quality healthcare, no matter where you are, especially at a festival like Blazing Swan. We believe that we can make Blazing Swan Festival sustainable and safe by having doctors, nurses, paramedics and skilled physiotherapists available to care for whoever needs it. The people we’re looking for give their time to help their fellow Blazer, because it’s the best way to say ‘I Love You’ to each other and the Blazing Swan Community.

If you’re a Doctor (PGY 2 or greater), Nurse (Grad program complete), Paramedic or physiotherapist (BLS/ALS1 certified), we want your help to make Blaze the best and safest yet!

DeployED is the organisation which coordinates the BSMC each year, and was created specifically to do this at Blaze.


Sign up at or, if you’ve registered with us before, log in at

Shifts are available NOW!

Stu (Care Bear)