Blazing Swan Comms heading out to the Playa

By March 31, 2021 Prepare
Comms is Heading to JRC!
Shortly, The Comms Team is heading out to JRC, which means that the mass-inquiries from the community that come through our community groups, email and dms will need to become #radicallyselfreliant. That’s right, you’re going free-range! You’ve got this team!
Below we’re posting links that will help answer the most FAQs we’ve been receiving/expecting. Buutttt….. There is a massive amount of information on the website – head there and discover answers!
The questions we’re getting at the moment…..
1) Tickets are sold out, all ticket sales and transfers must be completed through Tixel.
2) Tickets must match your ID, incorrect details are resolved through a transfer on Tixel
3) Check for answers to lots of ticketing answers
4) If none of the above have answered your questions, is the contact point for ticketing issues – but please don’t hemorrhage their email, they are also at JRC …. so do your best and try and resolve it yourself first.
5) Volunteering closed weeks ago, sorry, you have missed the boat. You need to buy a ticket – please refer to no. 1
6) Gates open at 12pm Thursday, dont turn up early (without an early access pass) you wont get access.
7) Drive safely and take your time – the event doesn’t start until 12.01am Friday ‘morning’ so there is plenty of time to drive and arrive safely. Don’t overload, and remember…. double demerits.
8) Fires and open flames are not allowed in general camping.
9) Lasers, drones, photography, theme camps, mutant vehicles – all registration has closed. Dont bring lasers, mutant vehicles or drones if you are not approved. Thanks.
10) Covid – if you feel sick, stay at home. Contact if this has effected you. Feel better soon.
11) As a general rule, if you’re needing to check if something is “ok”….. then it’s probably not the year. Plan early, inquire early… for 2022.
12) There’s basic event info here –
13) Prepare yourself by reading the survival guide –
14) Use the WTF to plan your experience –
15) Check out the map (also in the WTF) –
16) The website has a massive amount of information to help people prepare for the event
The Comms Team will be operational at JRC, but with limited data service – we’ll be checking social, emails etc infrequently.
…. and yes… you should probably bring a tent, you don’t have to, but we’d suggest you think about it*
*yes, actual question from 2019.
See you on the Playa, Comms Team