Blazing Swan 2021: Ticket Sales Update

As you will be aware, ticket sales for Blazing Swan 2021 were scheduled to be released on Wednesday 10th February.
Due to the lockdown which occurred across Perth, Peel and the South West regions last week, the Committee decided to delay all ticket sales.
Whilst Western Australia is in process of unlocking and moving away from the lockdown restrictions that were in place, the Committee remains consciously aware that WA may not return to the same freedoms that we enjoyed before this most recent lockdown straight away. Therefore the Committee feels it is prudent to continue holding off on issuing tickets a bit longer until we can see how this current situation develops.
At present we do not have a date for ticket sales to go live as we continue to assess the situation and we will do our best to make this decision as soon as possible. We understand this postponement may cause uncertainty in the community and we appreciate your support and understanding in this matter. All updates will continue to be provided via our website and social media.
Whilst the ticket sales are delayed we wish to communicate that we are working to ensure that the event planning continues to move forward.
We wish to thank the hard work of our Event Planning Sub Committee (EPSC). Thanks to them we have submitted all our necessary event paperwork earlier this week for review and approval to the local authorities. This is a large and difficult task normally, and this year has been made even harder with a compressed schedule and additional covid-requirements which continue to challenge our event. A massive thank you to them on behalf of our community and event.
Progression is also being made through our Theme Camp and mapping teams who are coordinating efforts with the Theme Camps, we also thank them for their continued efforts, along with all our volunteers working behind the scenes.
We know you’re all passionate and keen to get back out there. We are too. We thank you for your patience and understanding while we do our best to navigate these interesting times.
As soon as we have more information, we’ll be sure to pass that on. Please stay tuned to our website and social media for further information and announcements.