Blazing Swan 2020 Ticket Information

Blazing Swan 2020 will see us change our ticketing support from Quicket to Humanitix. This change will see improved support to the event. Humanitix is Australia based and can offer on site support for our 2020 event. 


What is Humanitix?

Humanitix is a not for profit association that donate a percentage of profits to a charity of our choice. For our 2020 event we have chosen to donate the proceeds to Indigenous Scholarships. 

For ticket buyers, Humanitix provides an option to pay through ZIP;-  meaning you can buy now and pay later. An integration with TIXEL provides a secure hosting platform for ticket resales;-  helping to preventing fraud which has been a big problem in the past. Using TIXEL to transfer tickets does generate a fee for both the buyer and the seller so it is encouraged that you enter the correct details on initial purchase. Tickets are limited to 2 adult tickets per person, there is also a family package option (1 adult and up to 2 children (between 12 and 18 years old).  


What’s Changed with Tickets?

Due to rising costs and general inflation, as most organisations do, we have had to raise ticket prices this year for the first time since the start of the event in 2014. Each ticket tier has had a 5% increase rounded to the nearest $5. Blazing Swan 2020 updated prices are listed below. 

Public tickets go on sale on 7 September at 8am.

  • Round 1 (Super Early Bird) – limited to 300 tickets @ $210 each
  • Round 2 (Early Bird) – limited to 300 tickets @ $265 each
  • Round 3 (General) – up to 1500 tickets @ $320 each
  • Gate – $375 if not sold out


Members, Theme Camps and Volunteers Tickets


Have had early access from 1 September to the pool of first tier $210 tickets and have been emailed instructions via Mail Chimp (check your promotions , junk or spam inbox if you haven’t received). If you can’t find it, please contact

Theme Camps

Last year there were a lot of Theme Camp tickets, in fact between 2018 and 2019 the number of theme camp tickets doubled. Understandably, many camps use them as a way to raise additional funds for their camp.. This year we needed to set a cap on this for our own budget projections in 2020. The limit has been set at 500 tickets, allowing 10 per camp (a reasonable medium between the last 2 years). 

Theme Camp tickets will be released at  Round 1 price – $210 per ticket. We will also be manually editing names on these tickets so as to avoid the TIXEL transfer fees if camps do want to use their extra tickets for fundraising. 

Clear instructions will be issued on how this can be done with the release of these tickets on 1 December. This is not going to be an instant transfer at the time of sale (as we need to manually change the name) so it is still much better if you enter the correct ticket name on the ticket to save time and mess around!

We encourage Theme Camp Leads and camp members to work together to share any excess tickets with the other camps. We also suggest that members look to purchase their tickets early so as to help reduce personal costs – remember that members can buy two tickets in their early allocation.

Volunteer Tickets

Volunteers that completed their hours at Blazing Swan 2019 will have access to one discounted volunteer ticket. The cost of a volunteer ticket is $185. Those who are eligible are expected to be contacted before 1st  October with their access code. 



Please contact