Blazing Swan 2020 – Theme Camp Support Package Information

By October 15, 2019 October 17th, 2019 Theme Camp

Hello Theme Camps,

Blazing Swan 2020: Perception is approaching fast and here is the support package you’ve all been waiting for.  


Blazing Swan Inc has managed to budget a cash grants component for the theme camp package for 2020. $10 000 will be available to share between registered, approved camps that have at least one Blazing Swan Inc member as a part of the camp. 

Granting cash makes accounting a little difficult for us so for this reason we are requesting membership by one member of the camp. It is $50 to become a member and opens up a bunch of benefits to those that sign up. By having a member of your camp be a part of the association, your camp gets a voice in how we do things. Support us to support you and remember we are all volunteers doing our best.

Theme Camp Applications close December 1st and final registration must be completed by January 3rd. Final registration will be granted once all supporting documents are submitted and the theme camp is approved by the Blazing Swan Committee. Once the registration has been accepted, a form to access this money (estimated $200, but dependant on how many camps register) will be sent to camps. The grants will be distributed in the last two weeks of January.



Blazing Swan Inc has been investing in an articulated power grid over the last few years. We now own the generators and cabling to provide safe efficient power to a large part of the site. 2 x 10A outlets per camp will be gifted and available for theme camps for the duration of the event and during the build phase from Saturday 4th April before gates open, dependant on placement. Larger camps that require more power need to specify this in the registration form.

Gifted electrical lead tagging will be available at the Nest in February. Camps will need to make one person available to assist in tagging their camps public space electrical equipment. 


Transport assistance 

Free uplift of 1 IBC or equivalent load from the nest to Kulin and return. If you have something large, heavy or awkward that you want to bring (ie a couch or roll of carpet ect) have a chat to us and we will endeavour to work something out. 


Safety Information Package

Blazing Swan Inc has developed a safety induction package over the last few years that is gifted to theme camps to use for the early entry build phase of the event. To be onsite early, when it is classified as a construction site, it is a legal requirement to ensure basic PPE and construction site safety rules are followed. 


DPW support

DPW are on site to assist and their help or the use of machinery should be scheduled in before the event. We need to know as early as possible if you are planning something that will require this assistance. Ideally you should be using something that does not need their assistance as they are busy across the site building the rest of the infrastructure of Jilakin Rock City but, as always,  they are there if you need them!



Once your camp is registered you will be given access to 10 theme camp tickets which are first tier price ($210 plus booking fee). You will receive an individual code for your camp to access these tickets. There will not be a fee to transfer the theme camp allocated tickets as one of our ticketing team will do the transfers manually. As this is a labour intensive task, it would be preferable that if you are on-selling your tickets (for fundraising for example) that you enter the purchaser’s name at the time of sale rather than purchasing the tickets first in your theme camp name and then seeking a transfer.


Comms Support

Finally, to try and provide better support to your Theme Camp raising funds, the Comms Team will also be offering its support in promoting your fundraisers. Shortly, a Theme Camp Fundraiser/Event calendar will go live on the website and we’ll be launching a way for Theme Camps to submit fundraiser information for inclusion in regular editions of ‘Blaze of our Lives’ emails – emails which currently go out to a mailing list of nearly 5,000 people. 


Thank you!

Theme Camps bring the magic to our event and we love you for it 


Questions and Contact

Hopefully that explains it all. However, If you have any questions about this package please email the theme camp team at

Finally, please note there will be a Theme Camp meeting at the Swan’s Nest from 2pm-4pm on 20th October. This informal meeting is an oportunity to meet the new Theme Camp Sub-Commitee and answer an questions you might have. Join the Facebook event for this meeting:


Photo: Deric Martin