Blazing Swan 2020: Refund Announcement

Video timestamps: 0:00 – Intro | 2:18 – Overview of the Blazing Swan Organisation | 4:24 – 2020 Blazing Swan; The Event | 7:54 –  The Yearly Schedule | 10:51 – The Cancellation | 12:26 – The SGM | 15:51 – Refunds | 19:55 – Refund Payments | 20:37 – The Nest | 22:52 – Finance Breakdown | 30:40 – Finance Summary | 32:57 – The Wrap Up

On the 16th March 2020, Blazing Swan notified its ticket holders and our Blaze community that the 2020 event would be cancelled due to Covid-19.

Since then, a number of announcements ( regarding the event and refunding on tickets have been made to our community so as to keep them up to date. Until this point, this decision has been based upon advice provided by the ACCC;- that we should adhere to our ticketing terms and conditions – which stated that no refunds were to be made.

This decision was upheld on the 19th April 2020 at our SGM where our membership reviewed our current financial situation and the work of the Committee on the matter.



In recent weeks the Blazing Swan Committee has sought legal advice on this complex and highly unusual matter.

As a result of several meetings, Blazing Swan will shortly be instructing our ticket provider Humanitix to provide an automatic 33% ticket refund to all ticket holders. The payment will arrive in your bank account automatically and you should be notified by email that this has happened. We understand that for many, a 33% refund will not provide a satisfactory answer but we felt that sharing what Blazing Swan does have financially among our ticket holders was the only fair way for everyone involved.

The 33% refund will reset Blazing Swan’s bank account to $0.

As explained in the video some money will be left in the account – this has been allocated for existing contracts and expenses, valid until Sept-2020.

You can find more information on this matter, the event, cancellation and a full breakdown of our finances in the video.

The Future

Blazing Swan, the event and association is now in the hands of the community to determine what happens next. If you wish to financially support the association you can do so here:

Once you have watched the video, if you have any questions on this topic please contact;

We again, thank everyone for their support, time, effort and energies with this matter. We recognise that it has been a number of weeks between our communications, but as you can understand this is not something the Committee, our event and our community has had to deal with before.


Much love and dust
Blazing Swan Committee