The  2020 Blazing Swan Map

Welcome to the 2020 Blazing Swan Map!

You’ll notice that, compared to previous years, this year the map looks completely different. Yes, the map has been completely redesigned.

Our aim is to provide a more flowing expierence for all to enjoy;- we hope that the design helps lead participants to be drawn from one theme camp to another, from one art piece to another, from one event to the next, to enjoy the mutant vehicles as they cruise around the playa, pick up a ride from the bus stops or park up in designated area and party.

We thank the massive amount of time, effort and energies provided by the vounteer mapping team, as well as the support from the Theme Camp Leads, Committee, Fun Police and Art Leads and others who’ve worked collaberatively to deliver this years map.

You can download a pdf version of the 2020 WTF Map here