Blazing Swan 2018 Merch

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Blazing Swan Merch

Buy Blazing Swan Merch!

Blazing Swan merch for 2018 is now available! Help us fundraise by buying a tee, event poster and 2018 Blaze Calendar! Grab a tee or two for your family unit, or invest in an exclusive Blaze Calendar for 2018’s road to the burn. Decommodify now and buy a gift for a friend! That’s Gifting right there!

Commodification is the enemy folks, so buy this merch today interest free! Seriously though, use your weekly fashion budget for a community-driven project.  What you spend here is coming back to you x 1million! 


News from Blazing Swan

The Jackrabbit Speaks

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Blazing Swan got featured in The Jackrabbit Speaks (the Burning Man newsletter equivalent of our own Blaze of Our Lives).   Check it out in V23:#9 over here.   What do you mean you don't get Blaze of Our Lives…

So… you’ve bought a ticket to Blazing Swan.

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Jilakin Rock City requires significant investments of time, energy, and resourcefulness by the Committee, Department Crews, Theme Camps, Artists and you, the participant. Part of what makes Blazing Swan unique and powerful is that everyone has to work hard to…

Theme Camp Grants 2019

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  At the theme camp meeting held in late 2018, it was stated that theme camp grants may not continue in 2019. Blazing Swan Inc. had been struggling financially for the last couple of years for a number of reasons…

Ticket Transfers

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Situations change.   A few people have asked if they can transfer their ticket. The answer is YES! All that needs to happen is for the person who created the Quicket profile to login to Quicket. From there they can…

Nest Update

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Inside the Nest  We are entering epic mode! With the Temple and Effigy structures being built, a host of theme camps chipping away at their structures, and some artists working on their masterpieces. But that’s not all! We also have…
Blazing Swan

Committee Update

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  Hi Everyone, I would like to make you all aware of some of the changes and challenges that have occurred at Blazing Swan.  For those of you who are not aware, Matthew Robinson our Treasurer had emergency surgery at…