Blazing Swan 2018 Merch

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Blazing Swan Merch

Buy Blazing Swan Merch!

Blazing Swan merch for 2018 is now available! Help us fundraise by buying a tee, event poster and 2018 Blaze Calendar! Grab a tee or two for your family unit, or invest in an exclusive Blaze Calendar for 2018’s road to the burn. Decommodify now and buy a gift for a friend! That’s Gifting right there!

Commodification is the enemy folks, so buy this merch today interest free! Seriously though, use your weekly fashion budget for a community-driven project.  What you spend here is coming back to you x 1million! 


News from Blazing Swan

Thank You!

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Blazing Swan has a temporary physical existence but for many of us memories and connections created will last a lifetime . JRC is created in a temporary space by people who happen to align, coming together to gift their energies, without…

Blazing Swan Comms heading out to the Playa

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Comms is Heading to JRC! Shortly, The Comms Team is heading out to JRC, which means that the mass-inquiries from the community that come through our community groups, email and dms will need to become #radicallyselfreliant. That's right, you're going…

Ice orders close Wednesday midnight

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Please be aware that orders for ice closes Wednesday (tomorrow) at midnight. This is your last chance to place an order.   If you are considering leaving Blazing Swan to pick up ice locally, please be aware that passouts are…

Your 2021 WTF is now live!

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Please be aware that there are only digital copies of the WTF this year, there will not be printed copies available at gate. So download, print, save before you leave!

2021 Map is Released!

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The 2021 Blazing Swan Map has been released - find it here


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Whilst covid is not currently 'at work' in our community, we have seen the effects it can have if it is. Covid has played a massive role in Blazing Swan; canceling last year's event and providing plenty of concern for…