Blazing Swan 2018 Merch

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Blazing Swan Merch

Buy Blazing Swan Merch!

Blazing Swan merch for 2018 is now available! Help us fundraise by buying a tee, event poster and 2018 Blaze Calendar! Grab a tee or two for your family unit, or invest in an exclusive Blaze Calendar for 2018’s road to the burn. Decommodify now and buy a gift for a friend! That’s Gifting right there!

Commodification is the enemy folks, so buy this merch today interest free! Seriously though, use your weekly fashion budget for a community-driven project.  What you spend here is coming back to you x 1million! 


News from Blazing Swan

2019 AGM Crowd

2019 Blazing Swan AGM

| Committee | No Comments
The AGM The Blazing Swan Inc. 2019 AGM was held at the Swan’s Nest on 4 August.  In the weeks leading up to the AGM the membership attracted an extra 50 people taking the total membership to 138 members.  At…

2019 Website Survey results

| Communications, Website | No Comments
Recently, we ran a website survey to gain an understanding of what areas members of the community thought needed improving on the Blazing website. Please find below a presentation of those survey results which have provided some great insight…

Calling All Artists – 2019 Art, Effigy and Temple Proposals Open

| Art | No Comments
STATE OF THE ART! As the months fly by, we start to think of all the possibilities for Blazing Swan 2020. As an arts event, we want your creative expressions to start coming to fruition. Think thought-provoking, think big, think…

Finding Out What It Takes To Become a Committee Member

| Committee, Members | No Comments
At a recent event offered to all current members, Sonia, Tim and Justin spent a couple of hours with the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson exploring what is involved in serving on the Committee. Topics explored included: The nomination process and…

New Ranger Lead

| Rangers | No Comments
Congratulations to Karen Becker aka Scarpie who was duly elected to the role of Ranger Lead by the Ranger Council last night. After three years leading the Jilakin Rock Rangers, as has always been my intention, I am stepping down.…

Social Media Clarification

| Members | No Comments
Dear Blazing Swan Community, At last night's Special General Meeting (SGM) the topic of Social Media, the Organisation's removal from the ownership of the Blazing Swan Community Page (unofficial) last year, the flagging reach of the (unofficial) Page and the…