Blazing Swan 2018 Merch

By December 20, 2017 Tickets
Blazing Swan Merch

Buy Blazing Swan Merch!

Blazing Swan merch for 2018 is now available! Help us fundraise by buying a tee, event poster and 2018 Blaze Calendar! Grab a tee or two for your family unit, or invest in an exclusive Blaze Calendar for 2018’s road to the burn. Decommodify now and buy a gift for a friend! That’s Gifting right there!

Commodification is the enemy folks, so buy this merch today interest free! Seriously though, use your weekly fashion budget for a community-driven project.  What you spend here is coming back to you x 1million! 


News from Blazing Swan

Important Sound Police Information

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Hi Sound Theme Camps,   RE: PA LOUD SPEAKERS TO FACE THE LAKE   As you might already know I’m new to Fun Police Lead role this year. I stepped up to replace Risky from my OHS role with the…

Scam Warning

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Sadly as we get close to the Blaze (like other ticket events) a certain ugly non-Community element shows up - scammers. They are luckily few and far between but they can still be a problem. The only 100% safe and…

Crossing the Line

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I write this not as the Lead Ranger or as the Vice-Chair of Blazing Swan but as a participant and community member. The Black Rock Rangers at Burning Man hold a very poignant ceremony for Rangers who pass their Alpha…

Ice Is Go

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Ice (and merch) is now available through Quicket here. What we know about ice so far : Pickup from Intelligent Deviants bar as before (opposite Ranger HQ) There will be two pickup slots per day Big orders can be collected…

Night-time Arrivals

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Important Safety Note Arriving at Blazing Swan Always plan to arrive during daylight hours as there are restrictions on vehicle movements during the event after dark. Whilst the Gate remains open 24/7 (but has a skeleton crew after dark) arrivals…

Camping Guidelines

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1.1.1.    Camping Guidelines and Rules General Campground and Overflow Campground Guidelines Campsites cannot be booked or reserved. If you want to camp with your friends, please plan to arrive together. In the event of an emergency DO NOT leave the…