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Leave No TraceRangers
April 29, 2019

Lost Property Collection

Blaze is over the and poor Rangers wound up with a record amount of Lost Property. Over 3 cubic meters of Lost Property was handed in weighting in at over 300kg! Not a very good Leave No Trace effort and…
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March 24, 2019

Important Sound Police Information

Hi Sound Theme Camps,   RE: PA LOUD SPEAKERS TO FACE THE LAKE   As you might already know I’m new to Fun Police Lead role this year. I stepped up to replace Risky from my OHS role with the…
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March 24, 2019

Scam Warning

Sadly as we get close to the Blaze (like other ticket events) a certain ugly non-Community element shows up - scammers. They are luckily few and far between but they can still be a problem. The only 100% safe and…
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March 13, 2019

Ice Is Go

Ice (and merch) is now available through Quicket here. What we know about ice so far : Pickup from Intelligent Deviants bar as before (opposite Ranger HQ) There will be two pickup slots per day Big orders can be collected…
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Blazing Swan
March 5, 2019


As Blazing Swan is a community driven not for profit incorporated association, it is operated and managed by its members. Under the Associations Incorporation Act 2015, the management committee of Blazing Swan Inc. is the group of persons who have…
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