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By January 28, 2019 Art
Art grants 
Round 2 closed (a couple of weeks ago)… a tonne of applications have been received, all with  awesome ideas! Now all the admin to do! The Art team is busy working diligently to get them prepared for the judges this weekend :s
For all ye late comers, do not despair! Although we can’t offer you financial support, we will do our best to make things happen! Be it logistics, sourcing cheap materials, power management etc. In addition, anyone bringing art to the event is eligible to have their piece put on the map and in the WTF guide. Just pop your details in as soon as possible through the online application form.
And finally, if you are a philanthropist please contact the arts department. We accept materials and equipment to distribute/lend as required. “Conditional” on the art that is coming to site and what is actually needed, but if you think you have something, send us an email to discuss.