Blazing Swan is an Arts Event

The objects of the Association include the creation of an annual arts, music and cultural event, and the fostering of new art projects in Western Australia

– Blazing Swan Constitution

Round One Art Grant Applications closed on 25 November 2023.

More rounds of Art Grants may be announced. We’re leaving the application form OPEN.  If a Second Round of Art Grants is announced, we’ll pick up all the entries made on the application form in the mean time. No promises though!

Arts Grants Information and Application Form

Our Art News

Temple Design for Blazing Swan 2024 selected.

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The Blazing Swan Arts Department are delighted to announce the temple design for Blazing Swan 2024 - Temple of Triscendence brought to you by Neesh Peacock and crew. The Temple of Triscendence is an invitation to each of us to…

The 2024 Effigy build is underway !

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Our Effigy - the design, the build, the beautiful artwork - is brought to you this year by... the Effigy Crew.  This crew who've blazed the trail to Kulin at least twice, if not more times before, are saddling up…

Mutant Vehicle Applications Now Open

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G'day Mutants 👋 Applications for Mutant vehicles are now open.  Closing on 13 December ! What is a Mutant Vehicle? A Mutant Vehicle is a unique, motorised creation that shows little or no resemblance to their original form, or to…