Art Applications are Now Open!

By June 28, 2016Art

Are you looking at bringing your Art to Blazing Swan?

Do you want your Art placed in a key location?

Do you want assistance from Blazing Swan in the form of art grant$?

If you answered yes to any of these then you best head over to the Art section (yes click here)  of our website to read up more and to fill out the online application process!
All art coming out to Blazing Swan is requested to register with us to ensure that it gets placed and is safe and we can tell everyone about it in our WTF guide books at the event.
We have world class art installations at Blazing Swan done by world class artists, and you too could have people enjoying your art and interacting with it at Blazing Swan 2017
We also have Art Grants available to artists that help create interactive pieces for the event, to help fund their art

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