Announcing Blazing Swan 2021: Phoenix!

The Blazing Swan Committee is pleased to announce further information on Blazing Swan 2021.

Recently our membership attended a SGM;- discussing and agreeing a number of key association items, a number of which were pertaining to the 2021 event. As such, we now wish to confirm and communicate a number of key details with the community about Blazing Swan 2021.


Blazing Swan 2021’s Theme is ….. “Phoenix”

We wish to thank all those who submitted ideas for themes this year – there were so many great ones it became a difficult decision for the Committee to make, and ultimately why we asked our membership and community to get involved and vote on their choice.

Ultimately, “Phoenix” was picked; winning both the Membership and Community vote, our congratulations to all those who nominated.

In the words of Tim Rice who proposed Phoenix:

“As Blaze was very sadly unable to proceed in 2020 due to the pandemic, the 2021 event will be reborn in fire, much like the fabled phoenix. The phoenix is a symbol of renewal and healing, which is what will be embodied in next year’s event.”

Common to many of the submissions, not just “Phoenix”, was that of finding new feet, being re-born and recognising change as we rise up from our past to create something new. 

We hope that the announcement of this year’s theme provides our community with inspiration for their art, costumes, vehicles and creativity throughout the event;- we can’t wait to see what the community is inspired to dream up and create.



Event & Ticketing Information

As discussed during the Community event livestream and subsequent website news article, this year Blazing Swan will look a little different to previous years – predominantly, either directly due to, or in anticipation of, Covid restrictions.


The following is currently being planned for our 2021 event:

  • No change to the Kulin/ Jilakin Rock City location
  • The dates to remain over Easter however the event is to run for 4 days instead of our typical 7. Gates open 12pm 1st April and close 12pm 6th April. Event activity will only take place over the long weekend period, Friday to Monday.
  • We’ve chosen to limit the event capacity this year to 1,500 total people, This includes everyone on site, participants (including children), crew, volunteers and Theme Camps. This is around half of what we would typically expect on site – this is specifically due to Covid restrictions to help ensure the event can be hosted and to ensure that we can guarantee that tickets can be refunded should the event be cancelled.
  • The tiered ticketing system will be replaced this year for a “one-tier” system. 
    • General tickets – $325
  • As per other years there are a number of ‘alternative’ tier tickets and pricing, these are as follows:
    • Volunteer tickets $250. Returning volunteers must have completed at least 14 hours of logged volunteer shift time at the 2019 event to gain access to this tier.
    • Theme Camp tickets – $275
    • Children aged 0-10 years old – $25
    • Teens aged 11-15 years old – $50
    • Young Adults aged 16-17 years old – $75
    • Due to Covid restrictions, there will be no door sales this year.

Please note – that this year, ZipPay will not be made available.

The ticket release date is currently set from 12pm Wednesday 10th of February. As this is a reduced capacity event and there may be concerns from the community about getting hold of a ticket, we have decided to release the tickets in batches at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm on Wednesday 10th February. Hopefully this will provide more people with a chance to grab a ticket. Blazing Swan members will be provided early access as our way of saying thank you for their support.

As always plans may change so please stay tuned to our website and social media just in case!



Plans May Change!

As you will be aware and we’ve discussed before, plans for Phoenix may change – especially as we react to a constantly changing Covid situation.

We are in an uncomfortable period of uncertainty, but we are pressing on.

We believe we have reviewed the legislation, understand and can suitably manage the potential risks and have the expertise on board to help us successfully navigate holding an event. We recognise there will be challenges, but we stand ready to tackle them and are excited to progress forward withholding our Burn in April 2021.

We’ve provided some FAQs below to help the community, but otherwise – We’ll continue on working towards making Phoenix rise, and we hope to see you out on the Playa.

As soon as we have more information, we will release it via our website and social media.

Can the Blazing Swan Association afford to hold the event?

Yes, we believe we can. A team of volunteers has spent many hours going over the finances and based on the figures they’ve put together which include several possible scenarios and safety margins, the Committee believes it is in a suitable financial position to hold the event and remain financially viable should the event get cancelled.

What will happen to my ticket(s) should the event get cancelled?

We understand that there is a potential for the event not to go ahead, and we do not want our community to suffer financially should this happen. We assure you that the Committee is committed to ensuring that the money raised from ticket sales is refundable. . 

The Committee continues to be committed to making Blazing Swan financially viable, and as such we are working to minimise new costs where possible, reuse materials from last year where practical, and organise services such that costs are only incurred if the event proceeds as planned.

When will tickets go on sale?

Currently ticket sales are set from 12pm Wednesday 10th of February. 

As this is a reduced capacity event and there may be concerns from the community about getting hold of a ticket, we have decided to release the tickets in batches at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm on Wednesday 10th February. Hopefully this will provide more people with a chance to grab a ticket. 

Blazing Swan members will be provided early access to tickets as a small thank you for their support to the Association.

Please note – that this year, ZipPay will not be made available this year. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

As always plans may change so please stay tuned to our website and social media just in case!

What impact will Covid have on the event?

Safety is an ever-present focus at Blazing Swan – we are radically self-reliant and take our civic responsibility and duty of care for our fellow humans seriously. And this year is no different.

What is different this year is Covid.

We will require significantly more volunteers to help us keep the event COVID safe, so if you’ve ever thought about volunteering at Blazing Swan now is the time to sign up! Head to to find out more and sign up.

The event and all participants will need to comply with whatever Covid restrictions are asked of us for the event to take place. We are aware that the authorities are taking Covid compliance seriously, as they should, and therefore are checking up on events. To ensure the event can go ahead and doesn’t get shut down part way through due to a breach, it will be necessary for the event team and wider community to follow the rules and guidance available on Covid safety.

Current restrictions include limiting the size of crowds, encouraging crowds to disperse, and ensuring good flow and movement. Unfortunately, as you’d be aware from other Covid restrictions – like WA border requirements, restrictions change on a frequent basis. So we can’t currently specifically answer what requirements will be required of us by April, but you can expect communications on this in the lead up to the event.

Who can buy tickets?

Anyone can buy a ticket.
However, travellers should be highly aware that they are responsible for compliance with/to any covid restrictions in place – be it state or country.
We will release more information on how Covid effects partipants at our event as soon as possible.
But for travellers – Legislation may mean that you are required to quarantine upon entry, that the legislation and requirements may change whilst you are participating, and that rules about your exit/entry to their home destination may change whilst you are in attendance. You are responsible to ensure compliance to the legislation.
Summary – buyers should beware, educate themselves and have consideration for the circumstances we are currently under with a global pandemic.

Blazing Swan is and always has been a community driven event, and this year we will need the support of the community now more than ever. If you all want the event to go ahead, please be ready to volunteer. Be excited. Let’s make Blazing Swan 2021 a reality!