A Message of Love and Support

By September 17, 2019 Community

Blazing Swan would like to acknowledge the amazing response from the community in the wake of the sudden loss of one of our own, Kellie Ireland. Kellie was a wife and mother and an integral member of the Alliance theme camp and our community, Our much loved Kym is now left to raise his children without his beautiful wife. 


We encourage the community to support Alia Leaderbrand’s crowdfunding efforts and thank everyone who already has shown their support.  

With Kym’s blessing, Blazing Swan would like to honour Kellie at Recombobulation Bat Country by offering a gifting space for messages of care and assistance. We invite our community to participate in this. In addition to this, the organisers of the after party have decided to donate the profits to the cause with our blessing. 

In times like this it’s wonderful to see how our community shines so brightly with generosity and love. This tragic loss has touched the hearts of so many of us, our deepest condolences to everyone affected. It’s immensely heartwarming to see what a supportive, strong and caring community we have. May we always be blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful people.