75 Days to Go!

That’s right – 75 days till gates open and we welcome you home! eeeek!

Who is getting excited? Got your tickets?

No? You can grab tickets here: https://blazingswan.com.au/tickets/ 

Pssttt – If you’re lucky you might pick up a cheaper resell tick on tixel.com

Also of Interest…

As we head towards the event, some things that might be of interest and use to the community are:

Staying up to date:

  • The Website – The Blazing Swan Website has had a decent amount of upgrades over the last few months and new updates are being made all the time as we continue to build this into the ‘the’ place for all Blazing Swan information. The website is the best place if you have questions or need information on the event.
  • Facebook – The Blazing Swan Community Page – is growing every day and is an awesome place to connect with the community. If you are joining, just make sure to complete the joining questions to help a quick and smooth approval.
  • Community Events – The Community Event Calendar is a great way to keep up to date with things happening in the community – you’ll likely see more amazing Theme Camp fundraisers coming up ias we head towards the event – don’t miss out!
  • Volunteers – Yes! we’re still looking for volunteers! Lots of volunteers (Legends of Traffic, MOOP Troop and Fun Police are all on the desperate hunt). You can find out more and register your interest to volunteer at Blazing Swan 2020 on our website – https://blazingswan.com.au/participate/volunteer/

Oh, and the massively updated Survival Guide is soon to be released, so if you’re panicking about how to prepare – fear not! We’ve got you covered! Awesome sauce! 🙂