V-Spot: Volunteering @ Blaze

By March 27, 2017 Participate

Volunteering At Blazing Swan

V-Spot Volunteering

V-Spot: Volunteering opportunities can be found at Camp Hart.

Volunteer spaces for our amazing Crews are now full. Thank you to everyone who registered and will be gifting the most precious thing they can ever own – their time and talent! Missed the boat? Well…not quite…we love participation…and this year you can locate your V-Spot at Camp Hart!


V-Spot: Volunteering @ Blazing Swan


Enjoying your Blaze? Want to take the principles of; immediacy, gifting, participation, communal effort and civic responsibility to the next level? Easy…jump in as a volunteer at V-Spot.


  • Help out at a Theme Camp: Stop-by the camp of your choice, introduce yourself and ask if there’s anything you can do to help (think washing dishes, tidying-up etc.)
  • Stand in with the Perimeter Crew at effigy or temple burn. Sign-up at Camp Hart and attend the short briefing at 5pm on burn night.
  • Initiate a spontaneous MOOP sweep of public spaces.
  • Don’t want to leave on Tuesday? Join The MOOP Troop or pack down crew for a couple of days and help make sure that we leave no trace (meals & shower provided!).


During the event, stop-by our V-Spot blackboard at Camp Hart to find out about volunteer opportunities whenever you’re in the mood.



Volunteer Coordination