Welcome to Blazing Swan 2024, Neon Caravan


Our annual Event follows the ten Burning Man Principles and Blazing Swan’s 11th Principle – Consent.  Our Event is a celebration of art, performance and community held across seven days at a location just outside the town of Kulin in Western Australia.  This year the event will run from noon on 27 March to noon on 2nd April 2024.  Blazing Swan is part of the worldwide community of more than 80 Burns, drawing inspiration from Burning Man in the USA, each with a very local flavour and expression.  Special thanks to Timmy Howe for this year’s beautiful artwork.


Need to know more about Blazing Swan 2024, Neon Caravan ?


One of our 11 Principles is ‘Radical Self Reliance’.  Very simply this means – if you want to know more about Neon Caravan, if you want to prepare for Neon Caravan, and if you want to have your best possibe time at Neon Caravan – you will have to make an effort.  Just getting out to the event site and literally surviving will require you to make an effort.  Blazing Swan Neon Caravan is not meant to be easy.  It is intentionally challenging.  Of all the challenges you will face we keep the best to last – to be your best self at the Event, to be your kindest and most generous self at the Event, and to be your most authentic self.

Let’s start with the Radical Self Reliance right now.  If you want to know more about Blazing Swan Neon Caravan we strongly recommend finding someone who has been to a Blazing Swan Event, using social media if you like, and talking with them.  You should also:

What about  tickets for Neon Caravan ?


You will need to purchase a ticket.  The final round of tickets are now sold out.  Volunteers, Theme Camp crew, Artist and Mutant Vehicle crew and Association Members have all been contacted separately about tickets.

When you enter the Event site with a ticket you must accept the conditions that go along with that ticket, including our right to refuse you entry or to require you to leave the Event site if you do not comply with those conditions.  We do this to keep everyone safe and we take this responsibility very seriously.

We expect to have around 3,400 tickets available for the Neon Caravan Event.  About half of these tickets will be released for sale to the public.  The other half of our tickets are reserved for Blazing Swan Association Members, our Volunteers, our Artists and Theme Camp Members, and are set at a lower price than the public tickets.

What Dates should I watch out for ?


  • The first round of applications for funding and registration of artworks at Neon Caravan have now closed.
  • Applications to design/build our Event Temple, and to receive funding closed on 1 November 2023.  It’s Neesh Peacock and Crew!
  • Applications to volunteer with Blazing Swan in year-round roles are always open
  • Applications to volunteer for Event specific roles are now closed.  Year round vacancies are still available on our Volunteering page
  • Applications to bring a Theme Camp to Neon Caravan are now closed.
  • Applications to bring a Mutant Vehicle to Neon Caravan are now closed
  • Applications to be registered as an official photographer at Neon Caravan are closed.
  • Tickets for Theme Camps, Artists and Mutant Vehicle operators will be allocated once they have applied for registration AND been accepted.
  • Tickets for Event specific Volunteers will be allocated AFTER the volunteer has applied AND been accepted.  These tickets may be cancelled by us if the volunteer does not meet specific requirements such as attending (in person or online) training sessions prior to the Event

What else should I know ?


You’ll find the answers to everything – we believe – if you follow the leads we’ve given to you on this page.  IF you have looked down all those rabbit holes and STILL can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.   We’ll wrap up this page with three special reminders:

One.  Our Blazing Swan Event is subject to all State Laws and regulations.  This is consistent with our Principle of Civic Responsibility.  Police can and will patrol the Event site.   Blazing Swan will not encourage any activity that breaches the law and we will comply, and require our attendees to comply, with all relevant Health and Safety regulations.

Two.  Blazing Swan takes Consent very seriously.  It is one of our Principles, and it is an absolute requirement of all our Event attendees.

Three.  Blazing Swan is not just an Event that happens out in the ‘bush’.  We see the Kulin, Njaki Njaki and Wheatbelt communities as our special friends and allies.  We have been invited into these communites and we hope that all of our Event participants will see not just the magic in our Event, but also the magic in these modern and ancient communities.