Appointment of Event Operations Manager for Blazing Swan 2024

By November 16, 2023 Events

At this year’s Blazing Swan Incorporated (BSI) Annual General Meeting the Committee identified that the organisation and Event is now at a stage of maturation that a defined role of an Event Operations Manager is required for the sustainability and safety of the Event.  Following this discussion, and with the support of members at the AGM, the BSI Committee went out to tender a contract for the positions of Event Operations Manager for the Blazing Swan 2024 Event.

Over the past couple of months we have gone through a stringent tender process for a contractor – and we have now appointed an Event Operations Manager for the 2024 Event.

A familiar face to many of you, Vida Barrett, will be the Event Operations Manager. She will be formally introduced to our key stakeholders over the coming days and weeks.  Welcome Vida !