Blazing Swan

One of over 90 Worldwide Burn Events


Blazing Swan

A Volunteer Run Not-for-Profit Organisation


Blazing Swan

An Official Regional Burning Man Event


Blazing Swan

An Australian Regional Burning Man Event


Blazing Swan

We organise, develop and promote; arts, music, and culture through an annual event which is inclusive, accepting, and safe, as well as other related events promoting self expression, identity and understanding


Blazing Swan

A seven day arts event held near Kulin, Western Australia


Blazing Swan

Creating Art and Building Community



Our 2024 Blazing Swan Event will celebrate 10 years of burning bright

Wednesday 27th March – Tuesday 2nd April 2024 (Easter Weekend)

Please read the essential Ticket and Event Attendance Terms and Conditions

Remember!  The name on each ticket MUST match the identity of the person using that ticket to come through our Gate!

Acknowledgement of Country

Blazing Swan wishes to acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners and ongoing custodians of the land in Kulin where our event is held, the Njaki Njaki Noongar people.  We also acknowledge First Nations Australians everywhere and their deep connection with Country.

Prepare yourself for Neon Caravan here

Blazing Swan is an experiment in temporary community. Relationships are created, neighbours meet one another, and our collective survival is challenged.  This is not a spectator event.

Let's create Neon Caravan together

Participation is at the very core of Blazing Swan, and there are many ways to participate.

Blaze 2025 details to come.


Survival Guide updated for 2024

The Blazing Swan Event Survival Guide has been updated for 2024.  If you want to survive in style, check it out. And standby for the WTF Guide.  The Where's the Fun Guide is coming, with details of all our Theme…

Ranger Applications OPEN!

The Jilakin Rock Rangers (Rangers) are one of the largest volunteer groups at Blazing Swan.   They provide over 1000 hours of 24/7 coverage at the event each year.   With the 3000 participants, volunteer and crew expected at the…

Temple Design for Blazing Swan 2024 selected.

The Blazing Swan Arts Department are delighted to announce the temple design for Blazing Swan 2024 - Temple of Triscendence brought to you by Neesh Peacock and crew. The Temple of Triscendence is an invitation to each of us to…

The 2024 Effigy build is underway !

Our Effigy - the design, the build, the beautiful artwork - is brought to you this year by... the Effigy Crew.  This crew who've blazed the trail to Kulin at least twice, if not more times before, are saddling up…