As a community-driven event operating in the spirit of the 11 Principles, volunteering is a form of participation, gifting and civic responsibility.


Blazing Swan‘s very existence is dependent upon participants generously gifting their time, energy, and resources to make the event happen. No matter what skills or interests you may have, there is a way for you to participate in the creation and manifestation of Blazing Swan.

Making Blazing Swan a reality is a huge task and we need an awesome crew to help us create something truly spectacular each year. We can’t do it on our own, so get involved! Check out the crew roles below and get in contact if you can help. Contact us on volunteers(at)

Please note that volunteering for Blazing Swan is not automatically associated with any material reward or ticket*



Jilakin Rock Rangers

Day or night, pairs of Rangers can be found walking the streets of Jilakin Rock City, engaging with the community, enjoying the art and always ready to help sort things out.

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Jilakin Rock Rangers

Sanitation Crew

Helping make Blazing Swan an amazing place and yes you get hot showers, as many as you need and we will feed you too!

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Greeters hold ceremony, that welcomes Blazing Swan participants home and remind them that the Ten Principles are the primary values of our community at Jilakin Rock City.  The Greeters Ceremony is the participant’s first opportunity to create a foundation for their experience and to enter into the Blazing Swan community.

This is perhaps one of the most immediately and intrinsically rewarding volunteer roles, but it comes with great responsibility. Being involved in the first page of a new story is a whole lot of fun and gives bucket loads of love in return.


MOOP Troop

The MOOP Troop is our army of MOOP eliminators. They travel our city disguised as your average Jilakin Rock City citizen and when they come across any Matter Out Of Place (MOOP) they spring into action to set things right.

MOOP is not necessarily rubbish, it is simply something that doesn’t belong on the ground. It may be a beer can or a food wrapper but just as likely it’s a piece of someone’s costume that has fallen off during their travels, or useful times that have been blow out of camp and into the city by a gust of wind.

The MOOP Troop assists the citizens of Jilakin Rock City in following our Leave No Trace policy. They go into messy camps and educate their occupants about Leave No Trace and how they can keep their camp clean. They patrol the city for MOOP and potential causes of MOOP and then they act to remove the problem. They are not there to pick up rubbish, although they may do so. They are there to educate the citizen of Jilakin Rock City to Leave No Trace, so that the city can be a MOOP free paradise!

Keep Jilakin Rock City beautiful, volunteer for MOOP Troop today!


First Aid/Medics

Medical assistance will operate on several levels at Blazing Swan to ensure that everyone gets the appropriate level of treatment throughout the event. This is run externally by SBV Medical.

There will be on site doctors/paramedics/nurses that will be on call for medical situations. Kulin St John Ambulance will also be on call 24 hours a day throughout the event to transport injured participants to hospital if needed.

All prospective volunteers for these positions must be at least 18 years of age and hold the appropriate qualification for the position for which they are volunteering.

If you want to help others and make Jilakin Rock City a safer place, please volunteer as an on site medic today.


***All volunteers must have purchased a ticket to attend Blazing Swan. As is the way at Blazing Swan, and many ‘Burns’ around the world, gifting is the primary driver at these events and we appreciate the tremendous efforts everyone puts into making things happen and usually for the only reward of a smile and the knowledge of a happier and safer community.
We try to reward volunteers in other ways such as training and other skills that they can use at Blazing Swan and elsewhere, this is to return the gift of what the volunteers have gifted to the community.  In this vain it is that we only help those who are struggling financially by refunding part of their ticket cost.
If you would like to volunteer at Blazing Swan but are struggling financially contact us as there is a number of ways that we can assist you in making it to the event and helping the community without putting yourself in too much financial stress.
In special situations we maybe able to gift a ticket with no outlay to a volunteer but you will need to apply in writing for special standing due to financial hardship and also be able to have someone known to the committee to vouch for you.