Extraordinary General Meeting

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Blazing Swan: Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) 24.04.2018

The Committee requested an EGM in order to provide transparency to the membership and an opportunity for them to decide whether the conduct of a member has been detrimental to the interests of the Association. After hearing from both the Committee and the individual concerned about how they had sought to bring; the Association, the Committee and individuals within the community into disrepute, the membership were asked to vote upon the matter. They voted to remove the individual’s membership.

This is a very rare occurrence and has never happened before within the Association. Through working together with the membership, the Committee has sought to take appropriate action. At our AGM on July 28th, the Association will be seeking to adopt a Code of Conduct for all members and the broader Blaze community so that there is clearer guidance on acceptable behavior within our community.

Blazing Swan Inc. understands and appreciates the complexity around this matter. It requests that any member of the Association or broader Blazing Swan community who have any questions or concerns contacts either the CEO or Chairperson directly: CEO(at)blazingswan.com.au, chair(at)blazingwswan.com.au.