Theme Camp

Theme Camp
March 31, 2017

WTF – Where’s the Fun 2017

Where's the fun at Blazing Swan in 2017?  Here is the official map, the registered Theme Camps and kick-ass events throughout the week of Blazing Swan Elemental. Everyone attending Blazing Swan will be given a printed copy of the WTF Guide,…
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PrepareTheme Camp
March 15, 2017

Preparing for Blaze

Preparing for Blazing Swan and not sure if you’ve got everything? Maybe this list will help. Hopefully you’ve already started collecting the fun stuff like MOOP-free expressive dress-ups (no cheap feather boas they drop feathers and face paint (no glitter…
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Theme Camp
February 16, 2017

Theme Camp Meeting 2017

Theme Camp Info Meeting 12 Feb 2017 (Full report) Original document on Blazing Swan Community Page  Watch the full video of this meeting online here.   NOTE: The times in brackets next to each heading below is the approximate elapsed start time…
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PrinciplesTheme Camp
February 5, 2017

Grey Water at Blazing Swan

What is grey water? Grey water is water that has been used for cooking, washing, dish-washing, or bathing and contains soap, detergent, food scraps or food residue. Grey water disposal is a constant issue when living off-the-grid and adhering to…
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ParticipateTheme Camp
January 18, 2017

Theme Camping or Free Balling

Photo by Siraj Media The big question for your first burn is usually the same for most people, "Do I join a theme-camp, or free ball like a wildling?" Wikipedia says that "free-balling" or "going commando" is the practice of…
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