Photo by Kieran Gibson MacFarlane

Do you want to go somewhere where nothing is happening 90% of the time? Do you like crafting and gluing shit to your tits? Do you find you are easily talked into showing people your willy and then more often than not ridiculed because of the way it looks? Are you unsure of whether you are a homosexual or just longing for the bedroom you had back when you were a seven year old girl? Are you uncomfortable with who you are and think getting a new outfit will somehow change things? Is the highlight of your year marching around looking like a dickhead while some obnoxious bitch yells obscenities at you?

Camp Unicorn Power aims to:

  • Raise unicorn awareness
  • Fight for unicorn rights and sovereignty
  • Spread misinformation & love
  • Get people naked
  • Make people feel uncomfortable

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